Rosacea is a prevalent skin condition commonly affecting the facial skin and many that have it may not even know it. Features of rosacea are persistent redness and/or flushing to the central face. As rosacea progresses other symptoms such as broken blood vessels, pimple type bumps, burning/stinging, or even red, watery, or irritated eyes may occur. It mostly affects people with fair skin and affects both males and females. There is no cure and rosacea onset peaks during ages 30-60, although it can occur at any age, even childhood. There are many things that can worsen rosacea, they are known as triggers. There are many and include: sun, stress, heat, wind, alcohol, caffeine, spicy food, cold, medications, and harsh skin products or procedures. Treatments include various oral and topical prescription medications. A non-irritating skin care routine is often recommended, in addition to daily sunscreen use. Lasers or BBL are also used to treat the redness and dilated blood vessels.

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