Our state-of-the-art medical facility and skilled team provide patients with an unmatched level of expertise, experience and technology. In addition to the most advanced lasers, therapies and treatments, we have a cutting-edge lab onsite to ensure patient convenience and speedy results.

Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is a highly effective treatment for certain types of skin cancer. It is an exacting procedure in which the dermatologist performs both surgical excision of the skin cancer and microscopic examination of the surgical margins to ensure that all skin cancer cells have been removed. Read more about the Mohs Surgery

Superficial Radiation Therapy

SRT helps bring safe, painless and effective non-melanoma skin cancer treatment to patients, right in the physician’s office. SRT is a low energy radiotherapy that goes no deeper than the thickness of the skin. It is a proven non-invasive procedure that has been used to treat non-melanoma skin cancer for over 50 years and is highly recognized and reimbursable. Because the superficial x-rays concentrate radiation dose on the skin surface, the treatment has several advantages over surgical procedures. Learn more about SRT here.

Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy is a special treatment using a photosensitizing agent called Levulan ( 5 aminolevulinic acid HCL 20%) which is activated with the correct wavelength of light. This treatment removes sun damaged precancerous zones and spots called actinic keratosis. There is also a positive effect on sun damaged skin, fine lines, and blotchy pigmentation. It has the ability to minimize pores and reduce oil gland production. Levulan also is a great way to effectively treat stubborn acne vulgaris, acne Rosacea , and improves the appearance of some acne scars. Read more about the Photodynamic Therapy


It can be difficult for patients to understand what happens to their biopsy when the surgeon sends it to the pathology lab. One reason is that not all pathology labs are in the same office as where the procedure was done, they are usually sent off to a separate lab. To understand our process, we’ll take you through the steps that will occur in our in house pathology lab here at CADI. Read more about the Pathology

Advanced Laser Treatments

The Sciton JOULE is the world’s only expandable platform to offer an unprecedented array of laser and light wavelengths through any of its three distinct delivery modes: arm, fiber, and broadband light. As a result, JOULE allows practitioners the maximum versatility to provide the widest range of aesthetic and surgical procedures for best-in-class laser and light source solutions. Click here to learn more about our Advanced Laser Treatments.