Jeuveau® is a new injectable neuromodulator that helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. This injectable treatment, referred to as Newtox, is FDA-approved for the treatment of mild-to-severe frown lines as well as other aging signs.

Proven molecular structure

Jeuveau® is a 900kDa purified botulinum toxin type A.1

Hi-Pure™ technology

Made through a modern manufacturing process.

Aesthetic-first and only

Clinically developed only for aesthetics, Jeuveau® is dedicated exclusively to aesthetics and nothing else.

Intro price 10:50 per unit.
Jeuveau Event: Feb 21, 4pm-6pm in our Leander location
Anyone who receives a cosmetic service, posts about it, and tags Collins ADI is entered into a raffle to win free 20U of Jeuveau!