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Holiday parties, Christmas recitals, visiting in-laws and popping champagne bottles! By the end of the year, we may find ourselves exhausted and in need of some serious TLC. The new year is a great time to refresh your skincare regimen and start the new year with revitalized skin! As you evolve from skin decisions of the past, make resolutions to get the skin you want. Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute is here to help you set and achieve skincare goals and find the right solutions for your lifestyle. The following are points to focus on to inspire your 2015 skin resolutions. CADI_FB-Post_Misc-Post-New-Year-New-Skin
Youthful Skin Appearance – Oh, to be forever young! Unfortunately, science has not created an all forgiving anti-aging pill; there are however treatments like RevaléSkin Hydralift Complex and Hydro Wand Microdermabrasion Facial. These treatments give your skin a more youthful appearance and leave it with a healthy glow. Starting the New Year with a fresh face will build confidence that will help structure the rest of you year. Address Issues – Busy schedules can put potentially dangerous skin issues on the backburner. In 2015, be sure to get your annual skin cancer check. In the event additional treatments are needed, we provide a variety of procedures for skin cancer such as the non-surgical Superficial Radiation Therapy. Take it Home – Purchasing products you can use on a daily basis and in between visits is a great way to maintain your new glow! Collins ADI carries products from top brands such as: glo Mineral Makeup, Clarisonic and others that you can purchase in office. Love Your Skin – The most important step to improving your skin is to love it. Taking care of your skin by nourishing it with a proper diet and appropriate products and treatment is the best way to keep it happy and healthy. You can’t replace your skin; showing it the extra love and attention it deserves will help to maintain and improve skin health in 2015. Collins ADI is here for all your skin care needs in 2015. The first step is to book your next appointment and set up your skin care plan by calling 512-379-6090 or online. Source: