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Eliminating Scars or Cellulite

Summer is upon us and as the weather heats up, we might feel inclined to show more skin. However, many people may feel self-conscious about problem areas containing cellulite and/or spider veins (varicose veins). These conditions are normal and affect a large majority of the adult population. While there are options available for treating these problems, the bulk of the symptoms involved with cellulite and spider veins can be prevented with simple lifestyle changes.

Both cellulite and spider veins can be caused by a variety of factors, such as genetics, aging, poor circulation, and hormonal fluctuations. The main causes of spider veins are weak and damaged valves within the veins. When the blood in the valves is not able to flow, the blood backs up and the veins swell. The exact cause of cellulite is unknown, but it is commonly understood that smoking, living a dormant lifestyle, and a poor diet can contribute to the formation of what we know as cellulite dimples.

The best preventative measures for avoiding cellulite and spider veins are simple. Regular exercise and stimulating blood flow allows for the valves in your veins to open and flow naturally. This regulates the fat storage in your body. Regulating fat production and storage can minimize the appearance of cellulite. It is also recommended that you wear looser-fitting clothing as that tightness can exacerbate decreased blood flow. These preventative measures extend to your diet as well. Eat a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition to consuming little to no sugar. Also, not smoking, and drinking plenty of water are excellent ways to strengthen your body’s natural defense against developing cellulite and spider veins.

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