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Glycolic AcidToday, Dr. Collins talks about AHA Benefits. Dr. Collins loves answering patient questions and wants to help you understand dermatology. Ask Dr. Collins offers a monthly response to your skin-related inquiries. If you have questions he can help answer, visit our Facebook page today! What is the best way to layer serums, moisturizer and sunscreen for daytime? What is the best way to layer serum with Retin-A at nighttime? – Tracy S. Your AM regimen, if including a serum, should go in this order: wash, serum, moisturizer then sunscreen Always remember – it’s thinnest to thickest! Most of the time serums are used in the morning, and Retin-A and moisturizer should be beneficial enough for night. If you do wish to use Retin-A in the evening, the serum should go on first. What is the benefit of glycolic acid and AHA? – Tracy S. Glycolic acid is an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which helps rid skin of old cells, making it appear brighter and healthier. With regular use of an AHA, you’ll notice your pores appear smaller, you will have less acne, scarring, and smoother fine lines and wrinkles. Great for hyperpigmentation and overall skin texture.