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Combat oily skinWhat’s the best way to combat oily skin this summer? The heat and humidity of summer create the perfect formula for oily skin. There is a range of ways to correct excess oil, from at-home remedies to focused treatments. Let’s start simple. First and foremost, make sure your skin is clean and stays clean. Try switching to a cleanser that is oil-free and contains Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid, a Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA), is a highly effective oil reducer and pore cleanser. Also, apply sunscreen every day before heading out into the summer heat, even if you are only going outdoors briefly. Remember, sunscreen needs to be re-applied every two hours to be effective. Next, limit your makeup during the hotter months. Heavy foundations that seep into your skin will clog pores and cause makeup to melt. I recommend using a mineral-based foundation, like glo Minerals makeup. If day-to-day remedies aren’t doing the trick, a Beta Hydroxy Peel is an option.  Also utilizing Salicylic Acid, the gentle, rejuvenating treatment will not only improve oily skin and reduce acne inflammation, but it can also soften wrinkles and fine lines while improving texture and clarity. Contact your doctor to see if a Beta Hydroxy Peel is the right choice for you.   Click to book online