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When Summer Ends Sun Protection Should Not

In Central Texas, fall takes its time to make its grand arrival. When the cooler weather comes, many forget a simple daily step vital to their skin care regimen—sun protection. Whether it’s applying and reapplying an SPF 30+ sunscreen or wearing sun-protective clothing, these steps should not be left behind with the hot weather and summer activities. September is Skin Care Awareness Month and part of being “skin care aware” is practicing sun safety—year-round. This edition of Skin Health 101 touches on fall sun protection.

First, let’s bust the myth about not needing to wear sunscreen during the fall and winter months. Both UVA (long-range rays) and UVB rays (short-range rays) are still present; therefore, your skin needs to be protected. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, one out of every five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Also, melanoma takes the life of one person every hour. With startling statistics, which continue to grow, it’s vital to maintain a strict habit of sun protection.

If exposed to UV rays, be sure to wear a reliable sunscreen. A tried and true brand we recommend to our patients is EltaMD—a product backed by WebMD, Vogue Magazine, The Oprah Magazine, among other well-known, reputable influencers. EltaMD has all the qualities we would recommend to our patients:

    • SPF 30+
    • Broad-spectrum (protecting against both UVA and UVB rays)
    • Noncomedogenic
    • Sensitivity-free
    • Fragrance-free
    • Paraben-free

Their products are for all activity levels, making it a suitable product for most. Of course, if a patient is unable to purchase this product, a trusted sunscreen brand who shares these qualities will help provide a strong level of defense.

Fall sun protection does not fall short of simply sunscreen. Sun-protective clothing enhances sun protection for outdoor activities. Spending an extended amount of time outdoors requires frequent reapplication. Adding sun-protective clothing and hats helps provide greater coverage, especially when you are unable to reapply sunscreen as frequently.

Let us help you create a strong skin care regimen. Give us a call at 512.379.6090 or book an appointment online today. Stay tuned for more skin care tips this Skin Care Awareness Month in our blog, Skin Health 101.