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Fine lines are caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin, in addition to years of being exposed to pollutants and UV rays. These little lines usually begin to appear in your mid-late thirties; however, you can help slow this process and keep those fine lines from turning into deeper, more set-in wrinkles, by applying these tips to your daily routine:

A great way to improve your skin’s health is to take your overall health into account. This includes a healthy diet, maintaining the proper levels of hydration, and retaining good circulation throughout your body through exercise. Healthy skin has blood moving through it regularly, ensuring that your skin has the energy and nutrients to regenerate itself on the regular. When it comes to your diet it’s important to eat lots of fresh foods. A healthy balance of antioxidants, iron, healthy oils, and water-rich foods help maintain a brighter and smoother complexion. In addition to a healthy diet, staying hydrated helps maintain moisture in the skin and can reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The sun’s harmful UV rays pose a threat to skin health. Daily use of sunscreen, when exposed to UV rays, is one important way to help avoid early aging and reduces the risk of skin cancer. EltaMD is a tried and true sunscreen brand we offer. EltaMD not only protects against harmful rays but blocks free radicals that can age the skin.

Let the professionals at Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute assist in treating your fine lines. With tested methods, such as the Beta Hydroxy – B-LIFTx ®, the VI & TCA Peels, as well as fillers like Juvéderm™ Ultra Plus, the specialists at Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute are the right people to turn to with your fine lines concerns. Call our team at 512.379.6090 or book an appointment online.