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There are many contributors to our skin’s demise during the holiday season. With holiday festivities happening, the kids’ school and with friends it’s easy to overindulge in holiday food and drink, miss out on sleep and forget our skin needs a little extra attention when the temperatures drop.

To avoid a less than glowing complexion this holiday season, check out our Holiday Skin Tips below!  

Dark Circles


The dreaded dark, under eye circle can be the biggest giveaway of lack of sleep during the holidays. To reduce under-eye circles, apply a topical cream with Vitamin C or Retinol. If used regularly, you’ll welcome the new year with bright, awake eyes.



Too little sleep, an increased intake of salty foods and too much alcohol might leave ones face on the puffier side of pretty during the holidays. Help reduce the puffiness with a chilled gel face mask. Just apply for 10 minutes and the puffiness should dissipate.

Dull Skin


Skin may take a hit from the cooler weather this season; as a result it becomes dull and dry. Alleviate these symptoms by using a daily scrub to remove unwanted dead skin cells. Also, remember to apply lotion daily to bring back moisture to the skin.



Food and drink choices aren’t always the healthiest during the holiday season and this can bring out pesky blemishes. Use a face wash that contains either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid every day. It is best to start before the holidays to help combat the issue. If a blemish pops up, place ice on it for 5 to 10 minutes and this should help reduce inflammation and redness.


Don’t the let holidays get the best of your skin. Stay on top of your skin care regimen and your holidays should be a little merrier. Also, be sure to check out our December Specials for all of your holiday shopping!