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Skin cancer is something that kids hardly ever get, but it’s important to teach children about the dangers of too much sun on their skin. Teaching children important habits now — like seeking shade, applying sunscreen and wearing protective clothing — can ensure that these habits become routine as they grow older. Download the fun activities and fact sheets below to help children understand the importance of staying safe in the sun. Gigi’s facts about sun safety
  • Gigi answers some of the most frequently asked questions about sun safety.
Gigi sun safe poster
  • Print and hang this flyer of Gigi showing all the ways you can stay safe in the sun.
Gigi’s activity sheet
  • Kids can have fun completing a maze, word find, crossword puzzle, and more while learning about sun safety.
Gigi’s coloring sheets
  • Kids can color in Gigi while exploring how she remains sun safe everywhere she goes.