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  Is there a proper way to layer your skin care products for optimum results? The answer is yes! An easy to remember mnemonic device is to layer your products thinnest to thickest. Your routine should vary from day to night. cadi_fb-post_09_skincare   Cleanser – Removing any dirt or oil collected during sleep creates a clean base for your skin care products to be absorbed thoroughly. A soap-free, hypoallergenic facial cleanser, like NeoStrata, is perfect for gently cleansing without over-drying your face. Serum – For added moisture and a bright nourished face, serums are your best friend. Three to four drops of your favorite serums massaged into your face will do the trick. Moisturizer – Lock in hydration by applying a moisturizer next. Your skin’s dryness is a good indicator of the strength of moisturizer you need. For everyday use, NeoStrata’s Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream will help restore your skin while effortlessly reducing the signs of aging. Sunscreen (Day) – This is a step you should never skip in the morning if you are stepping foot outdoors. This extra step not only helps prevent the risk of skin cancer but will help battle against the sun’s damaging rays. EltaMD Broad-spectrum sunscreen is your secret weapon. This product comes in both a clear and tinted solution for extra coverage. Retin-A (Night) – At night follow these same steps but replace your sunscreen with a Retin-A if it is part of your skin care regimen. Retin-A can be prescribed by a doctor to help prevent acne and diminish signs of aging.   Do you need helping planning your perfect skin care regimen? Give us a call at 512.379.6090!