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CADI_FB-Post_Men Gentlemen, autumn is upon us and with the changing of the seasons comes changes in your skin. According to a study formed in Men’s Grooming Consumer Report, in men ages 18 and up, about 75 percent are not using facial products. Facial skincare is very important for men due to the amount of wear and tear their skin receives daily from shaving and sometimes lack of care.
With the temperature cooling and air becoming crisp, it is essential for men to take the proper precautions to keep their skin healthy. Here are the daily procedures all men should follow to ensure their skin stays healthy this fall.


Cleansing your skin removes unwanted dirt and oils from your skin. This should be the first thing you do every day before anything else is done to your skin. Picking the right kind of cleanser for your skin type is imperative. For oily skin, try a gel or foaming cleanser and for dry skin, use a cleanser that is cream or lotion based. Avoid using bar soaps. Due to their harsh ingredient and higher pH levels, bar soaps can dehydrate the skin and remove essential oils. Fall brings dry weather and keeping moisture in the skin will keep your skin looking healthy all season.

Shave Properly:

Quality is key when it comes to shaving. Avoid using low-quality products if possible. A high-quality razor is guaranteed to be sharp and precise. Fall brings a harsher climate, so avoid adding extra stress to your skin. Use moisture-packed shaving cream and warm water for a clean and easy shave. Apply a hydrating, alcohol free after-shave to lock in moisture and soothe skin after shaving.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize:

You will find that you will need to apply moisturizer regularly in the fall. Moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and helps slow down the aging process of your skin.


Just because it is fall and the weather is cooler, does not mean you can skip the SPF. The sun’s rays still have a harmful effect on our skin and sunscreen should be applied daily with a minimum SPF of 30. Applying sunscreen everyday not only keeps our skin looking healthy, but it also deters signs of early aging.
Follow these tips and your skin will stay healthy throughout fall. At Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute we offer several lines of skin care products to get you started with a great skin care regimen and assist in preventing negative effects of fall weather.