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Seeking a summer glow is desired by many, but with the dangers of tanning, the risk is not worth the reward. This is a message we state year-round and with it being Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we continue to stress the importance of avoiding any form of UV tanning, whether it is sunbathing outside or at a tanning salon.

Most people are aware of the presence of UV-A and UV-B rays emitted by the sun, and their harmful and sometimes deadly effects, but not all people are aware of just how dangerous tanning beds are. The World Health Organization has determined that UV rays from tanning beds cause cancer, but tanning booths can be more perilous than sun exposure, as they emit up to 15 times more UV radiation than the sun.

Tanning beds emit mostly UV-A rays, which can cause premature aging and wrinkling and suppresses your immune system’s response to cell damage, resulting in your body’s inability to stem cell mutation and growth. The result of this is the presence of numerous types of tumors and cancers. Tanning also thickens the skin and causes premature aging and sagging of the skin.

Tanning outdoors is NEVER a safer alternative. A tan, regardless of the source is caused by harmful UV radiation and results in damage of the skin cells, even when you are not actively trying to achieve a tan. It is highly important to wear sunscreen anytime you know you will be exposed to UV rays. Be sure to reapply every two hours while outdoors. Activities where you are sweating or in the water can affect the longevity of your sunscreen, so be sure to reapply more frequently. Choosing the proper sunscreen is important. A broad-spectrum sunscreen, such as EltaMD, helps block both kinds of UV rays. They also provide a lip balm, which helps prevent skin damage and skin cancer forming on the lips.

Luckily, Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute has a solution for this problem, by providing several skin-safe alternatives. One of their most popular faux tanning product lines is Fake Bake, which requires no sun to deliver a beautiful, long-lasting golden tan. FakeBake’s special sunless formula won’t rub off onto clothing, leave an unsavory odor, or leave you looking orange. Sunless tanners can provide a safe option for a summer glow.

Prevention from the harmful effects of tanning is actually pretty easy: avoid tanning booths and keep yourself SPF protected from the sun’s harmful rays when you are outside. Remember, it doesn’t take sunburn to damage the skin — tan skin is damaged skin. To protect yourself from the sun’s damaging effects this summer, visit the trusted specialists at Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute today. Visit us online, and book an appointment today!