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Halt! Do you dare to enter the frightening world of Halloween makeup? Removing said makeup is almost as haunting as ghouls and goblins. Do not fright! Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute has the tricks and treats to keep your skin healthy, post-Halloween.

Before we delve into the removal of Halloween makeup, here are a couple tips to follow pre-makeup application.

Quality – Do not rush to the first Halloween makeup kit you see at your local drug store. Try to find a higher quality set to avoid irritants.

Allergy Test – Before applying your makeup, do a small allergy test on your wrist to ensure the makeup won’t cause an allergic reaction.

Hydrate – Drink water and apply a generous moisturizer so your skin won’t dry out.

You made it until the end of the night and now it is time to remove your makeup.

Wash – Do not dare go to bed until you have fully cleansed your face, or you are in for a frightful morning. Start with a gentle cleanser and warm water and begin to massage the cleanser into your face. If the makeup is stubborn coming off (especially around the eyes, BEWARE!), use a cotton pad to wipe (not scrub) the makeup off.

Deep Cleanse – If your face is not irritated, use your Clarisonic to pull out any lingering makeup and oil from your pores. Use the Clarisonic on a lower setting with a delicate touch.

Replenish – Before you go to bed, be sure to do this last step: apply moisturizer and drink a glass of water! With the mix of makeup, spooky cocktails and sweet treats, adding the moisture back into your skin is essential.

  If you find your skin needs extra care after these tips, gives us a call at 512.379.6090 or book online. For a list of services and products, visit our Cosmetic Dermatology page.