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Clear Skin

This summer, the skin care professionals of Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute are bringing you a Summer Skin Care Series. This series will focus on different skin care treatments and procedures to benefit summer skin. In this edition, we are focusing on achieving clear skin with our acne clearing solutions.

Summertime in Central Texas revolves around much outdoor activity. With this, you may notice an increase in the amount of acne appearing on your skin. This is often the natural result of sweating more and applying comedogenic sunscreen, which is typically oily and blocks the skin’s pores. A great non-comedogenic sunscreen that help improves the overall quality of your skin is EltaMD. This blockage can then become the breeding ground for Propionibacterium acnes (P.Acnes), which we all know as acne. On top of all this, exposure to UV rays from the sun exacerbates the problem, as the harsh sun rays irritate and inflame the skin further. With this in mind, it is important to devise a cleansing summer regimen that counteracts the effects that summer has on the skin.

While obviously staying hydrated and eating a high fiber diet of fresh fruits and vegetables this summer, beginning a new cleansing routine is the key to beating the summer acne breakout. Summer skin care is all about light moisturizing, gentle exfoliation, and counteracting the effects of oil and dirt in the skin. A great way to achieve clear skin is by attaining the Clarisonic cleansing brush, the #1 facial cleansing device recommended by U.S. Dermatologists. The patented rotating Clarisonic cleansing brush penetrates past the layers of sweat buildup, excess makeup, and clogged summer pores, ridding the skin of impurities, revealing fresh, awakened skin.

If your summer acne proves to be tenacious, then considering advanced treatments is the next step. The Sciton Blue Light Acne Treatment is a revolutionary, non-invasive light therapy procedure that targets active acne cysts by killing the P.Acnes bacteria. Using special light wavelengths, the therapy provides anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects to the skin. This diminishes the possibility of further outbreaks and allowing the skin to heal faster. Immediately after the treatment, your skin can begin to feel less irritated and red. For those serious about eliminating summer acne, the Sciton Blue Light Acne Treatment is a great solution to discuss with your provider to start your road to clear skin.

Another treatment to consider is the 30-minute Acne Clearing Facial. Designed to reduce breakouts, clear clogged pores, and alleviate the redness and irritation associated with acne. This treatment starts by exfoliating the skin to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells and prepares the skin for extraction. With this phase, the existing clogged pores are removed. In the final stage of the treatment, the provider will personalize a serum, cream, or prescription to round out the treatment and speed up healing. All skin types will benefit from this procedure and the treatments are safe.

For all this summer’s acne fighting products and treatments, consult the skin care specialists at Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute. Call or book an appointment online today.