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How is it that celebrities always seem to have immaculate skin? Between the harsh lights of flashing cameras and close-up shots, Hollywood A-Listers have to keep their skin in tip-top shape 24/7. With it being red carpet season, Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute thought it would be fun to give you our superstar tips for healthy, glowing skin. These looks are achievable with our excellent team, products and treatments. Who says you can’t have the skin of Jennifer Aniston while you watch her strut it across the red carpet? With these tips, you will be on your way to superstar status! CADI_FB-Post_Superstar   Facials: To start off your superstar skin prep, begin with a facial. Getting a facial will not only reduce dreaded puffiness, but will stimulate your facial muscles and amp up collagen and elastin for a more youthful look. The Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute Signature Diamond Facial is the perfect treatment for those seeking these results! With the DiamondTome ™ Wand, we’re able to deliver a chemical free facial that leaves you refreshed and ready to go about your day! Microdermabrasion: An essential element of smooth, glowing skin is exfoliation! Our DiamondTome™ Microdermabrasion uses a state-of-the-art crystal free diamond skin exfoliation system. This helps reduce the appearance of minor to moderate fine lines, sun-damaged skin, age spots, scars and more. You will feel like a million bucks after this treatment! Protect: The best way to keep your skin looking healthy is to protect it with a great sunscreen and moisturizer. How else do you think the stars stay so youthful? We recommend Elta MD Broad Spectrum Sunscreen for a good boost of moisture and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Light Therapy: Nothing will make you feel like a star more than light therapy treatments. The Forever Young BBL Photofacial says it all in the name! Sciton’s dual lamp technology delivers results in less treatments and time, while lessening the signs of brown spots, tiny broken vessels and benign lesions. Want to get the star treatment? Book an appointment online with Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute or give us a call at 512.379.6090.