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As a parent, you want your teen to feel confident in their own skin. Whether at school, work, or socializing with friends, your teen ought to feel comfortable and at ease about putting their best face forward. The start of the new year also marks the beginning of a new semester for students. When it comes to returning to school, it’s only natural to want to remove the stress of teen acne. With acne affecting millions of young adults worldwide, there are a multitude of factors that can contribute to acne development like, “sebum, keratin production, acne-causing bacteria, hormones, blocked pores and inflammation.” Even with all of the research conducted about acne, there is still no single proven cause. However, there are ways to mitigate acne through simple lifestyle changes, as well as treatments available here at Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute.

One simple way to combat teen acne is to control stress, according to clinical studies, stress “is strongly correlated with greater acne severity.” Oftentimes, stress can impact the condition of the skin from the inside out. Make sure your teens are getting enough downtime, free from the busyness of life so that they can have time to reset. A sufficient amount of sleep can also aid in stress levels. With the adult average sleeping time around seven hours, teenagers “need between 9 and 9 ½ hours” for optimal cognitive function and overall health.

Another way to lessen acne severity is through nutrition. Research shows it’s best to avoid foods that cause inflammation, that are processed, or contain high levels of refined sugar and dairy. When in doubt, stick to a diet that is mostly made up of fruits, vegetables, and proteins, and avoid fast food.

These constraints can be challenging for teens, as they often live fast-paced lives with busy schedules. It’s important to encourage your teens to take care of themselves and maintain hygiene practices. This could include face washing, avoiding touching the face or popping any blemishes, no matter how tempting, in order to prevent scarring and the spread of bacteria. Forming good skin care habits are crucial to lasting clear skin.

In addition to these lifestyle changes, Collins Advanced Dermatology Institute has a plethora of options specifically geared toward improving or preventing acne. We offer the Sciton Blue Light laser treatment, which is a safe, non-invasive treatment that kills acne-causing bacteria from the affected parts of the skin and has been shown to improve skin healing times. Sciton Blue Light has been shown to improve the overall appearance of skin and prevent future breakouts or redness. Another acne-fighting service we offer is the Acne Clearing Facial, which is a 30-minute facial that removes existing clogged pores that often lead to the formation of blemishes. This treatment is customizable based on your teen’s specific dermatological needs.

If you want to help your teen start this semester off right, these treatment options are a great place to start. For more information on our acne treatment options, book an appointment with one of our providers today or give us a call at 512.379.6090. Don’t let acne slow your teen down!